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Plaid Payment Integration

Plaid makes it faster and easier to accept instant bank payments through a flow designed with the user experience and security in mind. eCommerce customers or your firms clients enter their online credentials and Plaid instantly authenticates their account to charge them upon checkout on your eCommerce website or pay on your website for services you provided. Plus, in the US, Plaid works with any ACH processor to simplify instant payments.

Built With Security in Mind

Advanced risk monitoring and multi-factor bank
authentication to protect consumer data.

Plaid Security

9600 Banks and Credit Unions

Connects Shoppers Bank Account for Instant Payment
No Micro Deposits or Third Party Software

9,600 Bank Integrated

Plaid Checkout Process

plaid checkout
Plaid Bank Account Checkout
Plaid Bank Account Checkout Complete
instant payments

Plaid Works With eCommerce Platforms

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