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Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Web Design & Tools

Control your real estate listings and entire web presence with our proprietary software built in to your website dashboard.
Listing Management System

Listing Management System

With Listing Wizard you can quickly and easily add, edit and manage listings, You are the boss. Completely manage all listings in one place from adding and editing to purging and changing owners.With Listing Wizard you can quickly and easily add, edit and manage listings, You are the boss. Completely manage all listings in one place from adding and editing to purging and changing owners.

Search Widgets

Searches made easy. Fully manageable widget with customizable search field options and styles. You have control of what your search looks like as well as all the fields it includes with add, edit, hide and delete functions.

Listing Search Widgets

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Google map functions

Google Map Functions

Get interactive with Google. Google Map Search: Property searches interactively displayed on Google Maps. Google Places: Display proximity to points of interest in relation to properties on Google Maps. Map Overview for Google Map: Keeps a zoomed out map in the corner to help keep you on track with the bigger picture.

Listing Customizer

Easily manageable customization features for design. You have complete control over what your website looks like. You decide all colors, fonts and general layouts and placement. All fields can easily be edited or hidden as well as the ability to create your own.

Real estate listing manager
real estate web design website

Zip Code Search

Location is key. Ability to search by zip code. This feature gives users an added step of convenience when searching for specific properties in an area. Whether it is a school or electoral district keeping a user within a zip code, this function has the user covered.

Location Auto Suggest

No time wasted! The system automatically filters and suggests location search fields while typing. Just like you see on big sites like Google, the search widget will filter suggested locations as you go, making the stress of time and spelling disappear.

real estate web design website

GEO Meta Tags

Ability to enable GEO meta tag feature to increase SEO. GEO stands for Google Engine Optimization which sets specific parameters for ranking on Google like, SEO. You will have the ability to enable specialized GEO meta tags on your pages for extra SEO benefits specifically for Google.

PDF Flyer

Printing and sharing made simple. Optional, printable PDF formats of all properties are available. You have the control to enable or disable this feature for any specific property anytime you please. Creates easy to read, quality PDF files that you can print and share with clients on the go.

real estate web design website

Property Comparison

Easily compare bookmarked properties side-by-side. This function is easily accessible for clients simply by viewing their bookmarked listings. Properties and all their specs will appear in a table side by side to make comparisons and decisions easier than ever.

Many More Features

Facebook And Twitter

Easily share listings to Facebook & Twitter as well as customizable meta descriptions.

Hide Address

Lead generating, hide an address and prompt visitors to call for more information

Agent Contact Forms

Clients could contact agents from the get go about properties and request viewings.

Property Type

Full control specifying and defining property types through the backend Dashboard.

Send to a Friend

Share because you care! Visitors can easily share a property with a friend through email.


Responsive and Retina ready sleek, professional and optimized website on any device.

Profile Management

Brand yourself! Edit agent profile information like name and contact details.

IDX & MLS Integrated

Enables real estate professionals to display the most up to date IDX and MLS property listings.