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Website Migration Service

Absolutely No Downtime

Let our experts handle your Website migration, eCommerce or App migration. We will move your site between any two web hosting companies with no downtime, during the time and date of your choosing. We also handle DNS and domain transfers to make the migration process simple and seamless. Start your migration online below or contact us for more migration information.


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Streamline The Process

  • No Downtime
  • SEO transferred
  • Keep permalinks
  • Same design & structure
  • No website data loss
  • Fast turnaround
Website Migration Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does migration take

We complete most migrations between 4-6 hours from time of ordering.

Will there be downtime

No there will be no downtime. We will move your website to your new host before repointing your domain and nameservers.

Would I lose data or settings

We migrate all your data and settings when we migrate the website. Your website will remain intact upon the move. We also move all your user date, accounts and orders.

Can I move multisite installations

Yes, we move multisite installations all the time but the cost will differ from the standard cost. Multisite’s are structured differently and contain much larger files. Get in touch for more information on our multisite migrations.

Can I order migration services online

Absolutely its simple, use the form on this page to order our migration package online. Fill out the details and place your order. You will then be added to our migration queue.